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Rector's Letter

The Rector's letter for April 2017

Dear Friends,

“See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land."  Song of Songs 2:11 & 12

As the weather improves, the spring flowers are out and we come to the end of Lent, and this sentiment from the writer of the Song of Songs echoes something of the season. When we reach Easter Day the season of singing has come as we celebrate the resurrection and the new life that Jesus brings: from that moment there is a fundamental change in life, and for the disciples this was monumental - for us it is a new realisation of all that we are given.

New life is all around us in nature and through the Good News of the Gospel in this season, but this year it is also with us in our commitment to being ALIVE in sharing that good news with others.  In the Easter season more than any other we are reminded of the enormity of what we are given in and through Christ.  The great gift of salvation and presence of Christ in our lives is even more alive to us at this time of year.  How as we bask in this joy and assurance can we not want to share something of what we have received with others?

Can I invite you to share in some way with the mission this year, to be ALIVE in your faith and to invite others to have the opportunity to hear the Gospel?  One of the great traditions of the Christian Church has been hospitality and there are many opportunities to be hospitable during this one week in May (13th to 20th).  You can invite a friend as a guest to one or more of the many wonderful events being held during the week;  you can offer to host an Open House, where you invite some friends to your house for tea or coffee and one of the team will share faith.  You could invite one or more members of the team for food during the week or offer your home for accommodation.   

Please remember the mission is only going to have an impact on lives if we all play our part by invitation and prayer.  Let’s be ALIVE in our faith and lives.  As the writer of the Song of Songs goes on to say: ”Arise, come, my love; my beautiful one, come with me.”  For we are on a journey together.