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Messy Church

Messy church written on a red ink blot

What the children say:

Boy:       "Is it messy church this week?"

Me:        "Sorry, it's not for another three weeks."

Boy:       "Aw, I really love it you know."

This little fragment of conversation shows how much the children at the C of E school who come to messy church value the time we spend together.


What is Messy Church?

Messy church is a monthly event where we learn about a story from the bible and then make some craft about it.  The normal pattern of the session is to play some active games, then introduce the story and reinforce the main points of the story through craft activities.  We then finish the session with a short time of worship, where we review the crafts that the children have made, and then we have a meal together in the form of sandwiches, fruit and cakes.

Messy church is run straight after school on the first Monday of the month (or second Monday if the first was the start of term or a bank holiday).  And we meet Uppingham C of E primary school.