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In December 2016 we joined with MU across the world to hold a vigil to reflect on gender violence, and finally we ended a very full year with our Christmas service and party.  Janet Wardle organised a quiz involving members surnames.  Our usual party at Crossways raised £200 for overseas work.  Hats were worn by all!!!

Christmas hatsCanon Rachel with Christmas hat

At our November meeting we multi tasked - paying our subscriptions, hearing about the proposed Mission in 2017 and hosting an MU branch from Kettering.  We joined together for lunch at the garden centre!


It was our turn to host the Deanery quiet morning in October when we were joined by friends from Oakham and Ketton.  Canon Rachel took the service and led the reflection before a good lunch was provided for all.


In September 2016 our speaker was Kay Short who until recently was our deanery Vice President.  She spoke about the Bye, Buy Childhood Campaign where MU has been active in protecting the childhood of our young people and pointing out inappropriate sexualisation and materialistic pressures.



On Tuesday 9th August, the Uppingham Branch of MU invited members from the Ketton and Oakham Branches to join them in North Luffenham at the Parish Church for a service with the theme "Celebrating our Faith." The occasion marked the 140th anniversay of the organisation, and afterwards everyone retired to The Fox in the village for a lunch - it was a very happy occasion as the photographs show!

Mary Sumner Day 1Mary Sumner 2








On Tuesday July 12th our visiting speaker was Jenny Jones who gave many insights and anecdotes about her time working at Mary Sumner House, the HQ of the Mothers' Union. The talk was preceded by a service of Holy Communion at which her husband Rev Macolm Jones led the intercessions. They stayed for a few days with Jill and Peter Cannings, and the photo shows the four of them in the garden at Crossways.


On June 11th Jill completed her golf marathon; 140 holes of golf in 6 days.  This celebrates the 140th anniversary of Mother's Union and the money will go to support work with families overseas.  So far £1,500 has been raised.  She would like to thank people for their support as fellow players, supporters and sponsors. The supporters included Bishop John who caddied for 9 holes and enjoyed a sociable visit to the clubhouse afterwards!

Bishop John with JillJill with supporters










MU MayIn May we were delighted to welcome Louise Drage a Christian trainer and counsellor in domestic abuse.  She leads the training in the diocese with the Safeguarding advisor Garry Johnson.  This is a distressing topic, especially as it occurs so frequently in various forms but is often hidden behind closed doors.  The good news is that a great deal of help is available.






PeterMarch 2016 meeting: The Revd Dr Peter Holmes gave a talk to the Uppingham Mothers’ Union on the 8th March 2016. The title was Faith Seeking Understanding. Dr Holmes explained that the title was a quotation from St.Anselm of Canterbury's work, The Proslogion, written between 1070 and 1080. In it Anselm is meditating on Psalm 14.
In which it says, "The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God.’ Anselm's meditations led him to refute the fool’s statement with a reasoned argument, which says if a thing can be imagined it is better that it exists. The argument is referred to as the ontological proof of God. Dr Holmes discussed other proofs of God, and explained that all of them had been refuted. He said the arguments of David Hume, and finally Emanuel Kant defeated the proofs. Without the metaphysical underpinning that they provided Christian theology has been left without the means of entering the intellectual debates of our time. Reason has overcome revelation. Dr Holmes called for local church communities to engage in theological debate. 



At our February meeting we were delighted to hear from John Wardle the DirectorJohn Wardle - February speaker at MU of music.  Most of us are more used to seeing him at the organ or conducting the choir.  His entertaining talk enabled us to appreciate the strands of influence on his musical life.  Daughter Heather and son Chris and their respective families are following in their parents musical journeys.  John spoke for both he and Janet to say how welcomed they have felt in Uppingham and we certainly appreciate their contributions.





Jill and Julie Bell

At the Sunday Service on 7th February a new member was inducted by Canon Rachel - a photo of the two of them is on the Homepage. Jill, the Branch Leader, also welcomed her, presenting her with her badge. 




At our January meeting we reviewed the past year through reports and a pictorial presentation of our range of activities supporting children and families.  We look forward to a full programme in 2016 when the theme will be celebrating our faith and MU will be celebrating 140 years.  After the meeting many of us enjoyed a meal at the Falcon.

AGM Dinner 1AGM Dinner 2





AGM Dinner 4

AGM Dinner








As a major worldwide organisation the Mother’s Union (MU) has four million members in 83 countries.  Work is carried out through programmes of help such as literacy and learning self-help skills; policy work which strengthens family life and faith and spreads the gospel.

Our local branch has over 40 members and is the largest in the diocese.  Membership is open to those who support the vision, mission and aims of the organisation. We are an ecumenical group with members from all the churches in Uppingham. Members also come from surrounding villages.  We support family life in its many forms and are inclusive, welcoming members who may be male or female, married or single.

We meet for a Eucharist on the second Tuesday of the month.  We have had a range of interesting speakers and also special services and outings.  


Our branch in Uppingham has been busy serving children and families during 2016.  Some members are involved

  • in the Rutland foodbank.
  • Open the Book when we enable children at Leighfield to act out Bible stories
  • Messy Church at the C o E school when we explore a Christian theme via games and craft activities and end by sharing a meal together.
  • Messy Church picnic held this year in Uppingham school hall due to bad weather 
  • Christmas in Uppingham when the church is a centre for children's activities
  • We continue to support our Sunday School by running the creche and going through with the children as an extra pair of hands
  • We sent a family away on an away from it all (AFIA) holiday

This year we have again been very successful in helping to raise funds for the church and for MU. 

We plan to continue our prayerful and active support to family life.  New members are welcome.  Please come and join us to help us continue what we do.

Three reasons to join us

Join the largest Christian worldwide organisation supporting families

Ensure that we can continue our MU branch support to families in our community

Have fun and fellowship as we celebrate our faith and 140 years of MU


The Mary Sumner Prayer

Written in 1876 by Mothers' Union founder, Mary Sumner

All this day, O Lord,
let me touch as many lives as possible for thee;
and every life I touch, do thou by thy spirit quicken,
whether through the word I speak,
the prayer I breathe,
or the life I live. Amen.

The prayer of the Mother’s Union

Loving Lord
We thank you for your love so freely given to us all.
We pray for families around the world.
Bless the work of the Mothers’ Union as we seek to share
your love through the encouragement, strengthening and
support of marriage and family life.
Empowered by your Spirit, may we be united in prayer
and worship, and in love and service reach out as your
hands across the world.
In Jesus’ name.

MU vision, mission and aims
Vision: Our vision is of a world where God's love is shown through loving, respectful, and flourishing relationships.
Mission: To demonstrate the Christian faith in action by the transformation of communities worldwide through the nurture of the family in its many forms.
• To support family life
• To encourage parents in their role to develop the faith of their children
• To maintain a worldwide fellowship of Christians united in prayer, worship and service
• To promote conditions in society favourable to stable family life and the protection of children
• To help those whose family life has met with adversity

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