Denis Wrights 100th

On the 4th December the Church celebrated the 100th Birthday of Dennis Wright. The church wished Dennis a Very Happy Birthday and gave their best wishes. 


Centenary Celebration in Uppingham

On Thursday 1 December Uppingham will be celebrating with Dennis Wright, the only member of the Parish Church congregation, other than Len Phillips, to have reached his centenary in living memory. Dennis is the first to qualify for a card from King Charles. Obviously Dennis, as the senior member, has a special place in the hearts of our congregation. He seldom misses a Sunday morning service and he has been attending ever since he came to Uppingham from Caldicot. The exchange of a few words with Dennis on my way down the aisle between our choir practice and the service is one of the pleasant moments of the morning.

Dennis had a distinguished career in the army in the Second World War and was awarded the Legion d’honneur for his part in the Normandy Landings. He still has the fine bearing of a military man, though he spent most of his life in management; indeed he is senior member of Uppingham Probus. Before he came to Uppingham he lived in Caldicot and was a leading figure in the village; not least in the church, where he was churchwarden and in the tennis club, where he was not only the captain but married the ladies captain, Dorothy, 13 years his junior. Sadly, Dorothy died only last month, missing out on her great wish – to see Dennis through to his 100th birthday. Both Dennis and Dorothy have been pillars of Uppingham Parish Church. While Dennis has problems of sight and hearing, Dorothy was still reading lessons in church in her final year – a delightful couple.

The Wrights have been long-time residents of Poplar Close. He and Dorothy walked past my study window every morning on their way usually to enjoy a coffee at the Falcon. He is well known and loved by many others in the neighbourhood. Most comment on him walking with a straighter back than the rest of us. He and Dorothy shared a glass of wine with the neighbours in our garage (open to the fresh air – Covid Rules) last Christmas and I hope he will come again, though he is now a little further up the Ayston Road at Wisteria Lodge.

I am sure I am joined by all the Parish Church Dennis a happy birthday and many happy returns.

Vivian Anthony

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